Sunday, November 27, 2011

Its Hurt Me

My hands typed my old blog . I felt so anxious to look back at what nonsense that i wrote on my blog . As i was reading the blog , i laughed at myself thinking how childish and uncool i am at that time . ( like i am now . HAHA ) . My naughty hands can't stop clicking at my blog and read everything there . till suddenly i saw many pages that i wrote about my ex-boyfriend .

As i read them , my heart keeps beating so hard which making me scared that it's going to fall down anytime . It hurts me so much knowing the fact that i have remembered him when it took me a hard time to forget about him . i keep washing him away from my mind and calming myself slowly .

Its true that i can't find any medicines to get ride of this feeling . The only medicine is me . My heart still keeps beating hard but it's getting slower . Thanks god for giving me such a strong heart yet so easy to get broken .

That's all for now .

Until now this has been me , Farah Jia Ayie .

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