Friday, November 25, 2011

Who Is L ?

Well , u must be wondering who is L the name that i used for my blog . Actually , L is a character from an anime drama that i watched which i haven't finished watching it . I only want to know how the story works and if it interest me then i'll buy it . i have ordered one and i'm waiting for the disc to arrive .

But L also means a member from infinite korean boy band . i'm in love with him so badly . i guess i have two L here . No , i mean 3 . because another L is from japan live action movie's character . HIHI . i guess i'm getting excited over here .

The real is , i don't really have any stuffs to talk about . I shall find something to talk about later . Now , i'm thinking about writing a story or to be more precisely , a novel . Already have all the characters and the plots . But there is just one more tiny little problem . I can not think of any names that will suit my characters . Anyway , i hope u all can suggest any names for me on my facebook account .

I guess there's nothing that cross my mind right now . so this is it . Will catch you later on .

Untill now this has been me , Farah Jia Ayie .

1 comment:

  1. mmg x berubah ko niiii ,,,sejak standard 6 lagi suke wat novel ngan zana ehehehe